Where does the name Upendo Flowers come from? 
'Upendo' means 'unconditional love' in Swahili, which is the national language of Kenya. All of our flowers come from Kenya, abd besides that we really love what we are doing!

Which size of boxes are you using to transport the flowers? 
We work with several box sizes. Since most growers work with different sizes anyway, because of the product they grow, our customers can indicate their preferences. You can also request a specific number of stems per box for different lengths and varieties.

Are the packing rates per variety and length fixed throughout the year?
While there is some variation due to the different in head size during the year, there is not a lot of change to our pricing. Our packing rates are available at any time, so please contact us to receive a detailed list.

Do you work with standing orders?
Yes, and these offers are given preference over our other orders. Once your standard order is established, we can offer you a year-round price; or, if you prefer, we can follow our regular price list.

Do you work with FOB or CIF prices?
All of our prices are FOB Kenya because we believe that is the most transparent. We charge our freight costs to our customers, so the price you pay doesn't include a margin. That said, we obviously try to work with the best transport prices possible.


What should I do when I receive flowers from your farm?
You will receive your flowers dry in boxes, which is why it is important to carry out the following steps to ensure the best quality. 1) Get a clean bucket and add Chrysal Professional 2 to the specified amount of water. 2) Cut 3cm off the bottom of the stems before placing them in the prepared bucket. 3) Once the flowers are on water, store them in a cooler for 5-6 hours before selling or working with them. 4) If you will be displaying the roses, be sure to remove the cardboard wrapper. If you will be sending them to another destination, leave the wrapper in place during this recovery period. 

Do you supply roses on water?
No, not anymore. Transporting roses dry is more economical when it comes to freight, and we've noticed that it leads to better quality as well. Of course, that depends on how you treat the roses once you receive them. See our answer to the question above for what to do once you receive a shipment.

What is the ideal temperature to store roses?
Around 2C is ideal. Also, make sure that you are cleaning your cooler really well once each week to stop the development of Botrytis.

What happens if I receive flowers with quality issues?
Although we do everything we can to supply flowers in the best condition, sometimes a quality issue will pop up. If this happens, you need to contact us within 24 hours of receiving the shipment. In addition to sending us pictures of the problem, we will also ask you to complete a claim form. We will then issue you a credit note.  

Can I visit Kenya or Dubai in order to get a better idea of Upendo Flowers and your products?
We are always happy to welcome regular and potential customers. We regularly organize two- or three-day trips in Kenya for our customers so they can get to know our suppliers. In addition to giving wholesalers a better idea about the possibilities, it also gives them a better idea about how Upendo operates, as well as the day-to-day practices of the growers we exclusively represent. Contact us if you will be traveling to Kenya or Dubai and would like to meet us.